Tree Nut Cheese - Hemp

Tree Nut Cheese - Hemp

Sprout and Kernel

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Crumble it over pasta sauce or into a risotto and it really comes into its own. Not only does it make the flavours sing, but you’ll be surprised at how much it adds to the texture.

We would like to introduce you to Sprout & Kernels new flavour - HEMP. This block of goodness is infused with organic hemp seeds. The hemp seeds add an interesting flavour giving this nut cheese a cheddar aftertaste

Hand made in Sydney, Sprout and Kernel is an all-natural range of vegan cheeses that actually taste like cheese! Sprout and Kernel don’t take any short cuts. Their cheeses are packed with flavor and texture, yet are all natural and free from additives or preservatives. Made with lots of love by Maria and her team in Lewisham, Sydney. 

INGREDIENTS: Cashews (95%),  organic plant-based culture*, filtered water, organic coconut oil*, citric acid and himalayan pink salt. *Organic 
Best Before: 6 Month shelf life (from date of manufacture)
Weight: 120g

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