Fresh Almond Ricotta with Rose Harissa

Fresh Almond Ricotta with Rose Harissa

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Almond Curd with Rose Harissa

This is their classic Almond Curd with the addition of Rose Harissa. This plant-based almond curd is handcrafted in a completely traditional manner; cultured and pot set to produce the unmistakable creaminess and flavour of artisan ricotta cheese.The Rose Harissa is blended using organic rose petals and spices. It has a slight heat to it, but nothing crazy.

A professional range of probiotics is used which is really good for your gut health.

You can either place the open jar on a cheeseboard as is, or dollop spoonfuls onto anything savoury with a Moroccan flavour to it; tagine, cous cous, roasted eggplant etc.

It is similar to ricotta and can be used anywhere you would use ricotta.

It can be cooked but isn’t melty.