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East Bali Cashew Nuts - Sea Salt - The Vegan Cheese Shop

Cashew Nuts - Sea Salt

East Bali Cashew Nuts

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Ensuring that local farmers and citizens, benefit from the production of their products, East Bali Cashews is a wonderful company that not only provides high-quality organic food items but also does so in a manner that benefits that society in which they operate. With a desire to provide employment opportunities to local Balinese women and with a commitment to ensuring local farmers prosper, this company is highly respected due to their social and environmental sustainability initiative.

Sea Salt Cashew Nuts is just another of many wonderful East Bali Cashew products. Containing roasted cashews still housed in their natural crispy skins for added fibre and vitamin benefits, and with a sprinkling of sea salt for added flavour, this product is a healthy snack option for the health-conscious consumer. Gluten free, vegan friendly and containing no artificial colours or preservatives it is a wonderful choice for almost any occasion whether at work or watching the footy.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, coconut oil, sea salt.
Weight: 75g

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