Welcome To The Vegan Cheese Shop: Australia's Best Dairy-Free Cheese

Our online store is temporarily closed for shipping during the warmer months.  We will be back in the new year with some exciting new developments in all things vegan cheese!

We love (vegan) cheese!  We didn't want to miss out on the pleasure of eating good cheese. So we have brought together all of the highest quality cheeses available in Australia.  We support Australian artisan producers and make these innovative and delicious cheeses accessible to all Australians with Australia wide shipping!

Now you too can enjoy the finest of cruelty free, dairy free, gluten free, plant based cheeses on cheese boards to share with family and friends or made into meals and snacks everyone will enjoy. 

Whether you have given up dairy for health, ethical or environmental concerns we have you covered.  

Giving up dairy has never been easier, delicious and satisfying!